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Inner Horseman 2005 Back Issues Cover

Deep Theme: Are We Really the First to Know?
Physical Theme: What is Classical Riding?

What was the 18th century European "classical" High School actually like? This disk includes a complete technical analysis of the bitting methods, gaits, and movements as shown in the Baron Reis d'Eisenberg and other major works, plus a tour of the Earl of Pembroke's Wilton House riding school. Also: feature report on the Evolution of the Horse with a gorgeous virtual tour of horse exhibits in the world's greatest Natural History museums. Plus: Dr. Deb's research on fossil bones from Roman Vindolanda; notes on teaching horses to tie safely; spoiled child, spoiled horse; and the Ray Hunt clinic at Melbourne.

$25 price includes shipping to anywhere.

Deep Theme: The Importance of Attention
Physical Theme: Grand-Dad's Horses

Photographic studies of "pre-registry" horses of the American Civil War (1860's); then pedigree/photographic histories of the Morgan, Standardbred, Saddlebred, Tennessee Walker and Missouri Foxtrotter; Arabians in Asia and America with many old and rare photos. Also: continuing work on the fascinating collection of horse bones at Roman Vindolanda; nature of animal language; photo report on the Mike Schaffer clinic; "running away to join the circus" from two Institute Friends who have done it; deception in horse sale photos; Dr. Deb's deep horsemanship experience with an old kangaroo; T'ai Ch'i and horsemanship insights; the importance of attention.

$25 Price includes shipping to anywhere

Inner Horseman 2006 Back Issues Cover

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