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Equine Studies Institute -- Founded 1992


Equine Studies Institute is a colloquium of friends who share an attitude and approach to horsemanship. Our attitude comes from the view that horses and humans are capable of communicating with each other. We believe that humans have the responsibility of helping horses to thrive in the domestic environment, and that humans can not only teach horses but learn from them. Our approach focuses on educating horses through two-way communication rather than conventional training.

This attitude and approach, we think, works great when it is carried into life. No one person has all the answers; we also have to communicate with and educate each other. Thus, we advocate Friends of the Institute from all over the world who can be of great help to you and your horse.

To see a brief list of Institute Friends, click on either of the the top two buttons at right. For more in-depth information and photos, click on the bottom-right button.

The question is sometimes asked as to how someone becomes a "Friend of the Institute." We think generally that this is not up to us. Friends come to everyone in life, often "out of the blue", as unexpected gifts. Just like you probably do, we feel we know when we've found a good friend. All the accomplished horsemen and horsewomen whom we recommend are good teachers who focus on conveying principles and on getting students to think and feel, rather than hammering on some trite and inevitably inadequate cut-and-dried method that treats all horses the same. Our Friends are generous with their time and effort, and they are concerned much more with helping horses and riders than they are with making money, becoming famous, or attracting a following.

Individuals gain our recommendation as Friends of the Institute only after word-of-mouth recommendation by other Friends and by meeting Dr. Deb. We feel we need a pretty certain idea of how and what the person teaches before adding them to our list; after all, when we recommend someone, that reflects upon us too. We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to meet and work with these folks.

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