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Recommended Horseback Riding and Horse Handling Instruction
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This page gives brief contact information only (M-Z). For more info download PDF at right.

Brenton Matthews: Horsemanship, cross-country, circus. Adelaide area. Email brenton.matthews@bordernet.com.au.

Judy McHerron: Horsemanship, jumping specialty, Pony Club inspector. Calif. (707) 433-2920.

Yvonne Miller: Horsemanship, farrier, pack trips, driving, lessons. (250) 425-4180.

Bryan Neubert: Horsemanship, starts colts, ranch skills. Go to www.bryanneubert.com.

Josh Nichol: Horsemanship, deep work, great clinics. Go to www.joshnichol.com.

Debranne Pattillo: Equine bodywork, certification courses. Go to www.equinology.com.

Jenny Paterson: Horsemanship NZ. Jenny sponsors Buck Brannaman and Dr. Deb in New Zealand. Email horsemanshipnz@xtra.co.nz or call (64) 03-327-2942 or (64) 027-241-7215.

Bill Phillips: Guiding and packing in the Canadian Rockies. Telephone (250) 887-3464.

Russell Reid: Guiding and packing in the Sierra Nevada. Telephone (530) 283-0202.

Kerry Ridgway DVM: The "options vet", alternative & conventional medicine. 1-800-467-7337.

Mike Schaffer: High-school training. Go to www.mikeschaffer.com.

Vincent Spiaggia: Horsemanship, beginner lessons. Call (909) 215-5683.

Tim Thomas: Horsemanship, cattle, starts colts. Call (530) 889-8676.

Tony Uytendaal: Dressage from basics to Grand Prix. Email tonyuyt@bigpond.net.au.

Harry Whitney: Horsemanship, deep work. Go to www.harrywhitney.com.

Joe Wolter: Horsemanship, deep work, colts, ranch skills. Go to www.joewolter.com

Marie Zdunic: High School and Dressage. Call (810) 632-5725 or www.shineabitfarm.com

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