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This page gives brief contact information A-L only. Click at right for PDF with more info.

"Dr. Deb" Bennett, Ph.D.: Horsemanship, deep work, anatomy & biomechanics, travels worldwide. EMail office@equinestudies.org.

Martin Black: Horsemanship, starts colts, polo, ranch skills. Go to www.martinblack.net.

Robert "Bob" Anderson: Farrier, central California: EMail robert_anderson_farrier@msn.com.

Buck Brannaman: Horsemanship, deep work, ranch skills. Go to www.brannaman.com.

Julie Carpenter: Horsemanship, guests, gaited. Go to www.miraclemountain.com

Tom Curtin: Horsemanship, starts colts, Florida and travels. Go to www.tomcurtin.net.

Terry Church: Horsemanship, deep work, dressage. California and travels. Go to www.naturalsporthorse.com then contact event organizer.

David Elliott: Bits, spurs, fitting clinics. Alberta. (403) 394-4172 or bitspur@telusplanet.net.

Tink Elordi: Horsemanship, polo, colts, ranch skills. OR, TX, CA. Email jana@925horses.com.

Dave Genadek: Saddle fit clinics. Call 1-800-449-7409 or go to www.aboutthehorse.com.

Steve Haines: Horsemanship, starts colts. North coast California. (707) 765-2501.

Caroline Hardman: Horsemanship, cattle, ranch skills. Watsonville, California. (408) 728-3433.

Ray Hunt: Horsemanship, deep work. Clinics everywhere. Go to www.rayhunt.com

Eyjolfur Isolfsson: Gaited horsemanship. Go to www.toltmaster.com.

Duncan & Lesley Kerfoot: Horsemanship, injury rehab specialty. (604) 607-0206.

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