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Your personal quest to increase horsemanship knowledge and skills may lead you to want more information than we can make available directly through this Website.
We offer a range of helpful materials for sale.

On DVD: "The Anatomy of Bitting" -- with Dave Elliott and Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D. This is an 8-hour mini-course covering anatomy of the mouth and the design, construction, function, fitting, and adjustment of a complete range of leverage and non-leverage bits. To purchase, please click on the link at right.

Printed Books: We carry Dr. Deb's "Conquerors: The Roots of New World Horsemanship", and her classic "Principles of Conformation Analysis". For more complete descriptions, please click on the "printed books" link at right.

Book-length Publications on CD-Rom: "The Birdie Book: An Internal Geography of Rider and Horse" delves deeply into the mysterious but important area of understanding what makes horses 'tick' on the inside. "Poison Plants in the Pasture: A Horse Owner's Guide" aims to help you protect your horse from poisons that are right under his feet, deal with high-sugar grasses, and plan more eco-friendly pastures. For more complete description, please click on link at right.

"The Inner Horseman": From 2001 through 2007 we published this Official Newsletter of the Institute as an annual CD containing a huge amount of information. Each issue is different, and you'll want to collect the whole set. Please click on the "Membership" button at left.

Associate Memberships in the Institute: Your $25 annual membership entitles you to choose from an array of benefits. The money goes to support Institute activities and services, including our popular online Q/A Horsemanship Forum. Please click on the "Membership" button at left to join us in the fun of learning how to work successfully with horses.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

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