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Horsemanship and horseback riding skills can only be learned under direct personal supervision.
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Dr. Deb teaching horsemanship in New Zealand

Dr. Deb's gelding Oliver marches on the circus drum


Horsemanship Clinics with Dr. Deb are held in the U.S. and around the world. Dr. Deb goes only where she has been invited, and clinics must have a sponsor who is willing to organize. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please click on the button at right for more information.

Generally, horsemanship clinics are intensive "schools" scheduled over a long weekend. Beginners are welcome; bring your horse, along with all the questions you've been wanting to ask. Riders with greater experience also benefit. Dr. Deb will help you analyze training problems, look at conformation and lameness issues, fit tack, understand medical terminology, and communicate better with your veterinarian. Dr. Deb is joyously interested in helping you break through to new levels of awareness, refinement, and "feel". All disciplines are welcome -- dressage, reining, gaited horses, trail horses -- any breed of horse.

About 50% of total clinic time is spent in the classroom, where we clarify training concepts and learn anatomy and biomechanics -- "how horses work". Dr. Deb brings custom PowerPoint packages, rare and privately-made videotapes, and biomechanical models, all to help YOU learn.

During the clinic, each student is offered the opportunity to ride or ground-handle their horse a maximum of four hours per day. During these hands-on sessions, Dr. Deb demonstrates techniques and teaches maneuvers intended to increase your feel for responsiveness and suppleness, and to perfect your timing. We also emphasize "play" -- see Dr. Deb's Oliver at left -- to develop your horse's mind and his capacity to offer you great work.

Initial sessions tend to be group rides, during which Dr. Deb assesses each horse-rider combination. As we get to know each other better, instruction becomes more individualized.

One-on-one sessions sometimes become part of the program, especially where a horse has a special need. Dr. Deb is adept at roundpenning and "focus training", and will consider working with troubled horses on a case-by-case basis. Roundpenning sessions can be structured into a weekend clinic.




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