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Horsemanship and horseback riding skills can only be learned under direct personal supervision.
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Dr. Deb teaches two types of classes -- Horsemanship and Anatomy, briefly described below. She is also a frequently invited convention and program speaker, working with all breeds and disciplines. For currently scheduled appearances, click on "Upcoming Events" at right.

HORSEMANSHIP clinics are intensive "schooling opportunities" generally held over a long weekend. They consist of 50% classroom instruction and 50% hands-on riding and handling (this can be as much as four hours per day, which is much longer than most people ordinarily ride or school in a single day. So yes, you are going to get plenty of value by attending). Students of all levels, breeds, and disciplines are welcome to attend. Topics that are usually covered include "Birdie Theory", learning to ride your horse straight, contact and helping the horse to round up, effective transitions, playing with focus, conformation and tack-fitting issues. For more information, click on the "Horsemanship" button at right.

ANATOMY classes are of two types, classroom-only and classroom plus wet lab. Classroom-only sessions are generally scheduled for two to three days, and usually offer students the opportunity to work with real horse bones in addition to handouts, models, and PowerPoint presentations. The effort is to teach riders "how horses work" -- the biomechanics of straightness, roundness, collection. In these sessions we usually tackle questions covering the full gamut of owner concerns, everything from hoof care and dental care to tack selection and fitting, riding technique, "Birdie Theory" (what makes horses 'tick' on the inside), and more.

Anatomy classes that include wet lab are full-body or partial-body carcass dissections. We use fresh-frozen material only (no toxic chemical preservatives). 100% of our specimens are donations from private individuals who wish to turn the death of their horse into a benefit for students wanting to learn. There is no experience more effective in teaching "how horses work" than this. Anatomy classes that include wet lab consist of about 50% classroom preparation plus 50% time working with the specimen.

Depending upon the topic, anatomy classes may run anywhere from two to five days. Dr. Deb will offer limb-and-hoof classes for hoof care professionals and head-and-neck classes for equine dentists, bitmakers, and riders; these partial-body classes generally go three days. There is also a fun three-day "skeleton class" where students study only bones and assist in mounting an actual horse skeleton for use in the classroom. The full-body dissection classes require five full days. For more information, please click on the "Anatomy Class" button at right.

Thank you for your interest in attending a class!

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