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Fifteen years ago, Dr. Deb "invented" the idea of offering serious whole-body dissection sessions open to anyone who owns a horse. There is absolutely no other experience so valuable for teaching riders how their horses "work" -- what the internal mechanisms are -- what is possible or impossible for the horse to do -- what the best ways to train him would be, and WHY.

Today, our program has grown to the point that you can study anatomy with Dr. Deb in countries around the world. You do not need any prior preparation, study, or experience -- you do not need to be a "vet" student or enrolled in college to participate. These classes are structured to be understandable to any person who has enough interest.

We welcome owners, riders, breeders, farriers, trainers, farm managers, equine dentists, para-veterinary, massage and alternative therapy students. Junior College students with an interest in biology, animal artists, and those seeking to complete training in massage and alternative-care modalities are all welcome. We enjoy the dialogue that arises out of the variety of interests present in each class, and we encourage you to network with other students.

All classes include about 50% lecture-concept, 50% laboratory, with the following core content: basic anatomical parts; cell and tissue structure and function; development of body systems; bone and muscle physiology; biomechanical principles and the application of these to common problems in riding, training, lameness assessment, injury rehab, equine dentistry, and hoof care. Dr. Deb's classes emphasize the musculo-skeletal system, but overview of circulatory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, and energy systems is included.

We are affiliated withEquinology, Inc.with some classes sponsored directly by the Institute.

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