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Anatomy classes are sponsored by different organizations around the world. If you're interested in enrolling, please contact the organizer of the class you'd like to attend:

U.S.: All public anatomy classes are sponsored by Equinology, Inc. Generally they meet in the late fall (Nov. or early Dec.) in California. Please EMail office@equinology.com, or telephone (707) 884-9963.

Canada: Occasional University-sponsored events in Alberta. May meet at any time of year. Please EMail bitspur@telusplanet.net or telephone (403) 394-4172.

New Zealand: Classes usually held at Lincoln University in the South Island during April or May. Please EMail horsemanshipnz@xtra.co.nz, or telephone Jenny Paterson at (64) 03-327-2942 or (64) 03-027-7215.

Australia: All classes are sponsored by Equinology, Inc. and are held in New South Wales. Time is usually April or May. Please EMail office@equinology.com, or telephone (707) 884-9963.

Other Countries: Equinology-sponsored anatomy classes are currently in the development stage in the U.K., Denmark, and Brazil. We will post information on these courses as soon as they're available.

Thanks for your interest in this most important area of horse knowledge!


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