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Equine Studies Institute -- founded 1992

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE: Equine Studies Institute was founded in 1992 by Deb Bennett, Ph.D., as a "free University" for the advancement of horsemanship knowledge and practice. The Institute's motto is "fostering higher education in horsemanship". We provide many services to the worldwide horse community either free or at nominal cost:

CLASSES: The Institute sponsors events covering a broad range of horse-related topics. Please click on the "Classes & Clinics" button at left to learn more or for your chance to enroll!

DR. DEB: Our Founder and Director travels worldwide to teach. Please click on the button at lower right to learn more about Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D.

FRIENDS OF THE INSTITUTE: No one person can be expert in every area of horsemanship. We make an effort to put you in contact with accomplished horsemen and horsewomen whose knowledge and depth of experience permit them to be of real assistance to you. Click on the button at left to view our list of Institute Friends.

PUBLICATIONS: Click on the "Join ESI" and "Bookstore" buttons at left for descriptions of our many exciting and unique publications in print, CD, audio, and DVD formats.

ABOUT ADVERTISING: We do not advertise. We reckon that you are here because you were meant to find us. All our events and products are "about" the horse rather than "about" the author or clinician. Click on the "Friends" button at left to learn more.

BURNING QUESTIONS: If you have a horsemanship question, please post it to our online Q/A Forum rather than EMailing the Institute. Dr. Deb cannot answer individual inquiries by EMail, because in that case only one person is helped. When you post queries in the Forum, many people read, think, contribute, and benefit, and thus Dr. Deb's time in answering is justified.

DAMAGED/LATE/MISSING GOODS: If you have a question concerning a purchase from our Bookstore, please EMail office@equinestudies.org for prompt help.

PRIVACY POLICY: We do not collect, record, or share visitor URL's or EMail addresses.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Deb Bennett, Ph.D., is not a veterinarian and does not pretend to diagnose or treat disease. Our objective is to work with horse owners to increase their understanding of horsemanship issues, including some of a medical nature; and to work with the veterinary profession in fostering client communication and higher education in horsemanship.

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