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Equine Studies Institute is a colloquium of friends who share an attitude and approach to horsemanship.  

We work with the person and the horse as a team, seeking to provide information and assistance for your growth in horsemanship.  

This Website contains much information of interest to horse owners, riders, trainers, and breeders. No matter what style you ride or what breed of horse you fancy, you'll be welcome here.  

All of the text and images that make up the content of this Website are copyrighted and we ask that you do not dub information out in order to post it anywhere else on the Internet. If you have a horse-oriented website, business, or club, and you want to put our LINK in your website so that your friends and neighbors become aware of the information that is posted here, that is great.  

Online use of this Website is free to everyone. You do not have to become an Associate Member in order to use the full content of our extensive Knowledge Base. Participation in our popular Q/A Horsemanship Forum is also free (there is a registration procedure, but we do not share addresses).  

Your financial support of the Institute is welcomed. Associate Memberships are $25 per year, and for this amount you receive either a year's worth of "Inner Horseman" newsletters (200+ pages of information, no ads) or a two-hour audio "riding lesson".  
You can shop our online Bookstore to find even more information to advance your horsemanship knowledge and skills. In an effort to reach the maximum number of dedicated students worldwide, we provide more information for less money than any other horse-oriented website.  

Please click on any of the buttons on this page to explore our resources.
Welcome, and .... Happy riding to you!  

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